Friday, July 25, 2014

Michael's Birthday

We tried to make it a special day! Logan and I decorated our bed with candy bars and notes to Michael...but being a 2 year old Logan didn't think it was very fun that he couldn't get on top of the bed and mess it all up and eat it all! Michael took off work at 12:30 and then went to see a movie. (He loves to see movies, and he doesn't mind going by himself so we figured it would be easier if he just went then find a babysitter for all 3 kids, haha!) Then he came home and we had a relaxing afternoon doing some projects (yes Michael loves to get stuff done even on his birthday). We then went and got take out for dinner, wings Michael's favorite and a Coldstone ice cream cake. That night the neighbor found out it was Michael's birthday and excitedly invited him to go see a movie that night with he and his son. So yes Michael got to see another movie! So...we had to rush the cake and presents because the movie was about to start. So this is the only picture we have to document. The twins were fussy so there I am in the background rocking them and Michael served me some cake. :) We sure love Michael! He is an amazing Dad and Husband!

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