Monday, April 29, 2013

Logans First Haircut

Michael went out of town last weekend.  Stew and Allison were nice and let me come over for a few days.  I had been wanting to cut Logan's hair for a while but was too nervous. I asked Michael if I could cut it while he was gone, while I had another woman's opinion, and a 3rd person to help take pictures. :)  Allison was nice enough to couch me through it and tell me I was doing a great job even though I know she could have done a lot better!  Stew was nice enough to take such cute and great quality pictures for us to remember the moment!
Getting ready...

  Looking at himself in the double mirrors....
 Side view
 Back View
 Other side view

 He really was a great sport and enjoyed watching in the mirror.

 Not sure what happened....but all the sudden he just burst into tears... :(

Don't look too close...I am no expert!  (Actually glad we didn't get a picture of the ears...I went a little high ad wide, Whoops, sorry Logan.

Growing Up!

 Logan will now hold his bottle!  It still prefers us to hold it at times, but it is nice that he will actually do it now.

Logan now has 3 bottom teeth!                                      His top teeth have been coming in for a little while, 
                                                                             but I just noticed a 3rd one coming on the top 
                                                                                  on his left side.

Learning to Crawl....
   Logan still isn't quite crawling, but he is looking closer!


 We went up to Peoa for my birthday weekend, so we were there Easter morning.  Logan looks like he was really excited to get his Easter Basket, even though he had no clue really what was going on. :)  He got some new toys and teething food.  It was a beautiful warm day up in Peoa.