Saturday, July 19, 2014

Logan's 2 Year Appointment

I joked with the doctor at Logan's 18 month appointment (while I was pregnant with the twins) that hopefully we would make it in at his 2 year appointment! I knew Logan would turn 2 shortly after the twins were born and was afraid we would forget or be too busy to take him in. Yep!...if you look at the date on his stats you will see we got a little behind! haha :) It is so fun to see Logan grow up and learn so many new things. But I have to say my favorite thing recently is when he will be playing with his toys and walk past me and come give me a big hug and kiss "just because." :) We sure do love him!
He was a great boy at his appoinment and didn't even cry when he got his shots. He just gasped like "what just happened?", but I was able to quickly distract him when I told him it was time to go get a sucker in the hall! :)

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  1. Don't worry, you are way on top of it! Benson still hasn't had his 2 year appointment. We actually did finally schedule one for last week, but of course it got cancelled. So you should be proud of yourself for being that on top of it!