Tuesday, March 19, 2013

9 Months

We can't believe how fast Logan is growing up!  He has had 2 bottom teeth for a while and it looks like the top teeth are starting to come in.  He sits up really well now by himself, but doesn't have a desire to crawl yet! :)  We are enjoying it while we can!  We love you Logan!

Trip to Mexico

     We went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico the first week in March to an all inclusive resort with Leslie, Richard and Benson and my mom and dad.  We had a great time!  It was fun to relax, talk to family, see some beautiful sites and swim in the ocean and pool.
     This was also the first area that Michael was in on his mission, so we had a great time touring around the city a couple days before others arrived and seeing where he was.  We also went to church on Sunday.  Unfortunately we didn't see anyone he knew but it was still fun for him to relive the memories)

 Logan was a great sport on the trip.  Most mornings he would take a nap in his car seat by the beach or swimming pool.


 We ate way too much while we were there.  Logan had fun sitting in a highchair and smiling at all the workers there.  Some of them even knew him by name and made a special effort to talk to us each day.  It was really cute!

 The water in the pool was really cold but Logan still enjoyed splashing in it. 


   They had lots of fun activities to do at the resort.  I played water polo a couple times.  Michael joined me on the second day.  To know what team we were on they would paint our face with a certain color.  Yes we looked pretty ridiculous!
   We also had a great time playing soccer on the beach! (Sorry no picture)

 Mom and Dad were so nice to help with Logan so that we could do some of the fun activities!

   At the resort there were a lot of animals that would just wander around.  I was freaked out the first night that I saw like 12 raccoons just hanging out together on the pathway! YIKES!!  They didn't bite or chase after you, just wandered around probably getting scraps of food off the ground.
  Our favorite thing we saw on our way to the dinner was a monkey in the tree!  We watched it eat a banana.  How cool to be so close to it!

It was a great trip!  Thanks Les and Richard for inviting us to go with you!! :)