Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crazy Logan

Logan is a CrAzY kid these days! He is so fun to play with and watch, but the last few days he has sure thrown me for a loop!He now climbs onto anything and everything he can! Oh and get out everything and anything he can! AGH! It is espeically difficult when I have both babies in my lap feeding them and can do nothing. This is what I got to witness this week!
Yep don't worry, I have now latched the cupboards and drawers so that he can't get up there anymore! We will hope it works and he doesn't discover a new way.
Also the other day he was in the bathroom flushing the toilet while I was feeding the twins. I haven't yet discovered what might have been flushed, I'm hoping just water. :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Michael's Birthday

We tried to make it a special day! Logan and I decorated our bed with candy bars and notes to Michael...but being a 2 year old Logan didn't think it was very fun that he couldn't get on top of the bed and mess it all up and eat it all! Michael took off work at 12:30 and then went to see a movie. (He loves to see movies, and he doesn't mind going by himself so we figured it would be easier if he just went then find a babysitter for all 3 kids, haha!) Then he came home and we had a relaxing afternoon doing some projects (yes Michael loves to get stuff done even on his birthday). We then went and got take out for dinner, wings Michael's favorite and a Coldstone ice cream cake. That night the neighbor found out it was Michael's birthday and excitedly invited him to go see a movie that night with he and his son. So yes Michael got to see another movie! So...we had to rush the cake and presents because the movie was about to start. So this is the only picture we have to document. The twins were fussy so there I am in the background rocking them and Michael served me some cake. :) We sure love Michael! He is an amazing Dad and Husband!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Logan's 2 Year Appointment

I joked with the doctor at Logan's 18 month appointment (while I was pregnant with the twins) that hopefully we would make it in at his 2 year appointment! I knew Logan would turn 2 shortly after the twins were born and was afraid we would forget or be too busy to take him in. Yep!...if you look at the date on his stats you will see we got a little behind! haha :) It is so fun to see Logan grow up and learn so many new things. But I have to say my favorite thing recently is when he will be playing with his toys and walk past me and come give me a big hug and kiss "just because." :) We sure do love him!
He was a great boy at his appoinment and didn't even cry when he got his shots. He just gasped like "what just happened?", but I was able to quickly distract him when I told him it was time to go get a sucker in the hall! :)

Summer Fun

Enjoying the nice weather together. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back to Church

We made it back to church today! We packed all the diaper bags and set out all of the clothes the night before so that we could actually be on time. Michael went early to save us a seat when he dropped off the program print-outs. We actually made it with 2 mintues to spare! Wahoo!! That is BIG for us at 9:30AM!
We sat down for sacrament meeting and Brynlee started to get fussy so I took her out of the car seat and what did I discover...
.....Yes Michael put her dress on backwards!! haha!! Feeding twins and trying to entertain a toddler at the same time was sure tricky. I spent a lot of the time holding the bottle with my chin and using my other hand to hold activities for Logan. Next time maybe we will find a nice family to sit next to that could help us... :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Random Pictures

It is so fun to take pictures throughout the day. It is especially fun now that the twins have started smiling, and seeing how much Logan loves his brother and sister. He has gotten so much better around them and is constantly trying to help them when they are sad or don't have their binkie in their mouth. :) Brayden has been smiling for a couple weeks now and it sure is cute.
Brynlee started smiling about a week fun!
One night the twins were especally fussy before feedind time until I rocked them together...They sure do love each other!
Logan getting in on the fun....
Everyone seems to want to cuddle with mom at night
It sure is busy around here and we may not always look like the best parents...
...But we sure are trying!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July

We spent the morning up in Peoa and went to the Oakley parade. Logan was in heaven seeing all the trucks and 4-wheelers in the parade! Oh and of course all the candy and otter pops being thrown! The twins didn't seem too bothered with the noises. That evening we went and watched "Stadium of Fire" fireworks from Great Grandma Grow's back lawn. Logan especially enjoyed holding sparkers (with Daddy's help of course :) )

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two Months

The twins are already Two Months Old! Time sure has gone fast! Going to doctor appointments sure is tricky, so it is especially nice and helpful to have so much family close by! Grandma Grow helped me take the twins to the doctor, and Logan spent a couple hours at the Fords swimming with cousins! Thank you everyone!