Thursday, April 24, 2014

Almost There

Kim has been in the hospital for 18 days.  She has been on nifedipine every 4 hours to stop labor.  Today she hits the 36 week mark.  Therefore, the Dr.'s are letting her go off the labor meds.  Although the medicine isn't "proven" to 100% stop labor, it seems to have worked in Kim's case.  At the 4 hour mark, her contractions start up as if her body knows its time for the meds again!

Kim is feeling big, uncomfortable and ready to be done. 
As she said, "Large and in-charge!"  This  is how Kim's feeling these days:

So, we shall see when these babies actually arrive.  Bets are on!  The doctors and nurses see it go both ways from here, about 50/50.  Some women deliver, others have prolonged it long enough that they end up having to be induced!  She's hoping for the labor onset, not the waiting more weeks...  :)


In other Bevan news - Logan fractured a bone in his foot (1st metatarsal - behind the big toe, in the foot).  He is still mastering the skill of 'running.'  He tripped over his own two feet while running and lost his balance.  Apparently that was enough.  He's been limping around for a few days, and a bump became visible yesterday.  The dr. did an x-ray and found the fracture.  Poor guy!  So, they've got him in a splint for now, and will cast it once the swelling goes down.

I feel bad for Logan.  But, I feel worse for Kimmo.  Nothing worse than having to stay in a hospital and not be able to love on your little boy with a broken bone!  She knows he's in good hands with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Melissa nearby...but it's still hard.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hanging In There

Kim is still in the hospital.
Still dilated to a 5.
She's on meds, every 4-6 hours to stop contractions.
She's trying to look at the positive - every day the babies stay inside, is less time the babies have to spend in the NICU.  But, she is getting tired of laying in a hospital bed...
On Saturday they all got to go on an exciting walk around the hospital together.

Kim has also broken out in a strange rash multiple days...
Logan is always so happy to come see his mom and dad at the hospital and get some ice chips.  :)
Michael is still working, but comes and sleeps with Kim at the hospital each night.

Monday, April 7, 2014

In Labor

(This is Kim's sister writing updates.)

I don't quite know how to begin this post, other than, it was a crazy weekend in Peoa.
The nephews (ages 10-14) were on the golf cart and an accident occurred.  Parker (11) was run over.  It was a very scary situation, which resulted in life flight coming and taking him to Primary Children's Hospital.  He has a broken femur and had surgery this morning.

Kim and Michael were in Peoa when this happened.  Being the sweet aunt that she is, she was very concerned for Parker.  We adults were rushing here and there, trying to give aid where needed.  Once I sat with Kim and assured her it was going to be fine, but to please not go into labor. :)  She said she was fine.

An hour after life flight took off, Kim was sitting on the couch, and said she just felt sick, and had a stomach ache.  That had us a little worried, but she assured us, she was just uncomfortable, these were not labor pains.

We all went to bed in Peoa, trying to quiet our minds from the horrific scenes of Parker's accident.  At 3 am the pains continued and started to worry she and Michael so they woke up our parents.  They decided it best to go to the hospital.  Upon arrival to the Park City Hospital, it was discovered she was dilated to a 5.

The babies are 33.5 weeks along right now.  They decided they needed to get her to a hospital equipped with NICU.  Originally, they thought about relieving family strains, and trying to go to a hospital near Parker.  :)  In the end she ended up being ambulanced to UVRMC (Provo).

They've given her meds to stop or slow contractions.  They did an ultrasound and discovered the boy is head down, the girl is breech.  Previously, they were transverse.

At current (3pm Utah time) the contractions are 5 minutes apart.  She is approaching a 4 hour mark where they can give her more meds to hopefully slow the contractions. 

The longer the babies can stay in, the better!

I will update more when I hear more...

Sweet Kim.  Being transported from Park City - Provo.

She said she feels like she's always taking the spotlight off others.  A few weeks after Les found out she was having triplets, Kim found out she was having twins.
Parker had an accident - then she went into labor.