Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Well...I'm just going to post and then hopefully one day I will have the time to catch up!  (I think that's the hardest part is just telling yourself to move forward and not think about all the posts you haven't done yet but to keep going!)

We recently celebrated all the kids Birthdays!  The Twins turned ONE on May 2, and Logan turned THREE on June 12th!

My sister Emily always captures the perfect pictures!

Logan (3)

Logan's Party
Logan's older cousins were nice to join us for a morning at the Oakley Park!  We only lasted about 30 minutes as it was such a hot day!  That evening we celebrated with a Splash Pad party at Grandma and Grandma Grow's house.  Some of Logan's Bevan cousins came up to celebrate!

 Too hard to get everyone to look into the bright sun at the camera. :)

He often sings the Birthday Song at home as he is playing with his toys.  I think he was excited that this was finally the REAL thing!

Some of his new Birthday Toys! 

Logan's lucky to have such nice older cousins that let him tag along.

    We did some "Cake Smash" pictures earlier in the week in Peoa.  They were so Funny!  We all weren't sure how it would go at first as the twins were a little grumpy, buy luckily once the cake came out they perked right up!  Em and Meliss were so nice to make it fun and special for us by helping with the decorations.
Brayden (1)
Brynlee (1)
Brynlee actually ate more than Brayden, he just made a big mess!

Birthday Celebration

The morning of their birthday we had pizza at a nearby park with a few cousins. Then we ate hotdogs and cake that night.



  1. Great Update, Kim! Loved all the pictures! Such cute kids!

  2. Great Update, Kim! Loved all the pictures! Such cute kids!